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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  December 10, 2015 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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put a dive team into the lake, it's a logical part of covering that lead." (humanitarian award)two siouxlanders and a local social service organization win an award for their humanitarian efforts. (campaign endorsement) and... the leader of an influential group of iowa conservatives announces who he's backing for president. 3 sioux city is moving ahead with building a much- needed viaduct over train traffic in the hoeven (hoo-ven) valley... and finalizing a long- range transportation plan for that part of town. 3 3 and tonight that story is first on fox. 3 3 the new viaduct would connect floyd boulevard and 18th street... passing over railroad tracks owned by union pacific and canadian northern railroads... and closing existing crossings over those tracks.the delays caused by parked trains in the area have long been a engineer glenn ellis says the city has received plenty of support for the plan. 3 favor of the viaduct project at 18th street, so that is a positive. but we need to work
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closing crossings will create."ellis says if the project proceeds on schedule... design of the viaduct will wrap up this summer... construction would begin in 2017 and wrap up in 2018. a final update on the 20 million dollar plan is set to take place next month. 3 3 sioux city is looking for help from the *state of iowa* to build a new park in the singing hills this morning's "coffee with the council" event at the sweetwater cafe in the ho- chunk centre... parks and rec director matt salvatore gave an update on fundraising for cone park.he's trying to secure a 300- thousand dollar grant from the iowa community attraction tourism board to help build the park. 3 "the community attraction and tourism board really loves our project, they were also very impressed with our fundraising, they would like to see more private contributions towards the project, it just shows buy in from the community. so we're going to look at getting a few contributions here in the next month and hopefully we are able to secure the funding to do this project and do it right."it would cost about four million dollars to build
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access to about two-and-a-half million dollars in a trust fund that is dedicated to the park. 3 two siouxlanders and a local social service agency have received the prestigious 2015 "war eagle human rights award." 3 the awards were presented at the public museum by the sioux city human rights commission. joe twidwell was recogonized for starting a local warming shelter for homeless men, women and children.diane nusselhuf was honored for her efforts to promote fair trade and provide financial help to villagers in guatemala. she created a store in vermillion that sells products made by the villager.and opporunities unlimited was recognized for its services that help people who've had traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries. 3 "the award is a recoginition of the board that no person in town should freeze to death or be victimized because they don't have adaquit shelter.."today's ceremony was held on "universal human rights day." 3 3 officers of the law in woodbury county have marked
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november."money raised during "no shave november" was donated to the june e. nylen cancer center by the woodbury county sheriff's office and the sioux city police department. the sheriff's office raised 25- hundred dollars... and the police department 23- hundred. 3 "well at the police department almost i would say at least sixty percent or seventy percent participated. some of the guys really can't grow beards. so it was a lot of fun. we kinda poked fun of each other. it was just a way for us to raise money for a great cause."both departments say they hope to raise even more for the fight against cancer *next* november. 3 3 a group of sioux city women is joining the fight against homelessness."handbags for the homeless" is the brainchild of city council member rhonda capron.they're collecting handbags and backpacks... which they'll fill with toiletry items to distribute to those in need this coming january. 3 "we're talking thinks like
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hairbrush, shower stuff, shampoo, lotion. things that we use everyday that we take for granted and you know when you are out there homeless and have nothing, this is big. we just want to be able to help as many people as we can out there."the goal is to begin distribution of the bags at shelters throughout sioux city in january... and continue throughout the year. 3
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colder temperatures and snow for the middle part of next week.>> 3 3 the pilot of a small plane is dead after crashing small plane is the pilot of a 3 3 week.>>part of next week.>> 3 3 the pilot of a small plane is dead after crashing along i- 29 near council bluffs today.the plane took off from omaha just before noon... and quickly reported problems.the pilot was attempting to return to the airport when his plane went down just north of council bluffs... hitting a power line on its way down.a 5- mile stretch of i- 29 had to be closed while the accident site was cleaned up. the pottawattamie county sheriff says the pilot was the only person on board. 3 3 texas senator and republican presidential candidate ted cruz has picked up another major endorsement in the state
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iowa.bob vanderplaats... c- e- o of the family leader... along with several other board members officially gave their support to cruz this morning. they announced it in the rotunda at the state capitol. vander plaats says he feels cruz has the right character... the confidence to best represent conservative christian values... and the resources to go the distance. 3 "we will do whatever it takes to be able to help him become the standard bearer that goes up against hillary clinton to win the presidency and to right the ship for this country."the family leader endorsements come just weeks after conservative congressman steve king gave cruz *his* endorsement. one poll released this week even gives cruz the lead in the state. 3 3 iowa governor terry branstad will re- write the history books monday... when he becomes the longest- serving governor in u- s history.this afternoon... iowa's senior u- s senator chuck grassley gave a speech on the senate floor honoring the governor's more than 2 decades of
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1983 to 1999, terry branstad took the helm during some of the state's worst economic turmoil in decades and steered the ship toward impressive economic growth.//the governor could have rested on those laurels and continued to work outside of state government, but he answered the call when the state needed him again in 2010."branstad will pass governor george clinton of new york... who led that state from 1777 until 1795 and again from 1801 to 1804. 3 3 president obama has signed into law legislation overhauling the "no child left behind" education initiative."no child left behind" was first approved in 2002 during george w. bush's presidency. but critics on both sides of the aisle long argued the initiative gave too much power to washington in controlling state education
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also argued "no child left behind" focused too much on testing. mister obama says the overhaul is long overdue. 3 "for years, i have called on congress to come together and get a bipartisan effort to fix no child left behind. it took a lot of time. it required a lot of work. but thanks to the tireless efforts of many of the people on this stage and some people who are in attendance here today, we finally reached that deal."the president also called the effort to overhaul "no child left behind" a "christmas miracle".under the "every student succeeds" overhaul, standardized testing remains for most students.but it does allow state and local officials to set their own education standards and prohibits the federal government from imposing the heavily- criticized "common core" model on schools. 3 3 still to come tonight on siouxland news at nine... surprising results of a survey on holiday celebrations at work is *good news* for
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fox means business report. 3 but first... a week after the terror attack in california... we're looking at why the f- b- i takes so long to *call* terror attacks by name. that's coming up after the break in report. 3 "siouxland news at nine on fox 44, with larry wentz, diana castillo and siouxland's chief
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3 3 the investigation into the san bernardino mass shooting is shifting to a nearby f- b- i dive team is likely looking for some items the two shooters have ditched, such as a missing hard drive from their computer. an f-b-i official says the shooters have been to the area before. 3 (david bowdich, fbi assistant director in charge): "we did have a lead that indicated that the subjects came into
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dive team into the lake, it's a logical part of covering that lead. so they are seeking evidence, the specific evidence we are looking for we are not gonna discuss, but we are simply saying we are seeking evidence." 3 f-b-i director james comey says syed rizwan farook and his wife tashfeen malik subscribed to islamist ideology years ago. investigators say they don't know yet if they were self- radicalized, or if a bigger group was involved in their attack. 3 3 federal agencies still struggle when to call an attack on american soil an "act of terrorism."here's a case in point. it took days for the f- b- i to link the word terrorism to the massacre in san bernardino.our national correspondent kristine frazao has our safe and secure story tonight... looking 3 into why it's so difficult for federal agencies to arrive at that conclusion. 3 the fbi's list of domestic terrorism cases goes back to the 1920's.what's in the
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what's missing from it.[steven emerson/terrorism expert]"this political correctness is really outrageous."terrorism expert steven emerson says politics, not the law, prevented the fbi from applying a designation of domestic terrorism to attacks at a military installation in chattanooga, tennessee earlier this year at the hands of muhammed abdulazeez and a mass shooting at fort hood in 2009 carried out by major nidal hassan.[emerson]"they don't know what the motive is? it's jihad. what does it take to convince them these were islamic radicals carrying out a jihadist agenda?"to this day members of congress are still quick to sidestep the controversy over what defines terrorrist acts on american soil.[sen. tim kaine (d) va]"i don't know that i'm going to get into the rearview mirror questions."the fbi's definition of domestic terrorism includes acts dangerous to human life, it must appear intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population and influence the policy of a
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must occur within the jurisdiction of the united's the way marland senator ben cardin, the highest ranking democrat on the senate's foreign relations committee, sizes up an act of terrorism in america.[sen. ben cardin/d-maryland]"terrorism is a different level, where you have people who potentially plan to kill innocent people because of their beliefs."[standup]"the head of the fbi, james comey, has not defined exactly what constitutes domestic terrorism. saying different things at different times. after the attack in chattanooga he said terrorism was more of a political act." neither the fbi nor the u.s. department of justice would talk to us about what meets the threshold for terrorism based on their definitions. terrorism expert emerson says back to the same place[emerson sot]"political correctness." news. 3 3 taking a live look over downtown sioux city tonight on
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service that you deserve.
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we get it." visit one e e 3 "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 larry and chad talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3
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40s before we see another winter system moving through the area that could bring us colder temperatures and snow for the middle part of next week.>> 3 3 still to come tonight... donald trump is leading in the polls... but not with the birds! that's tonight's check this out, but first...check this out, tonight's birds! that's not with the the polls... but is leading in
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to come 3 still to come tonight... donald trump is leading in the polls... but not with the birds! that's tonight's check this out, but first... 3 asman says: "forget about a holiday bonus from the boss...more workers are giving a bonus to the boss. i'm david
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network. mororor3 wal mart introduces an innovative payment system...buying a home becomes more expensive...and holiday gift giving for your boss and colleagues. fox business network's david asman has those stories and more in this fox means business report. 3 walmart speeding things up at the check-out line.the world's largest retailer testing a mobile payment system through its app, where shoppers can use either a credit or debit card right at the cash plans on taking it national over the next six months.meantime, it just got a little more
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30-year fixed-rate mortgage ticking higher this week. but keep in mind we are still below 4 percent.this coming ahead of the federal reserves decision on whether or not to raise interest rates.stocks finally seeing some green on thursday.the dow snapping a three-day losing streak.and getting into the holiday spirit at workaccording to a new survey, 1 in 5 workers plan on buying gift for their colleagues.but get this... the same amount also plan on giving a present... to their boss!that's business. i'm david asman. 3 3 it's donald trump versus our
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after the break.3 3 3 finally tonight, check this out!usually presidential candidate donald trump is pretty unflappable. but during a photo shoot for time's person of the year issue, some feathers were ruffled.. literally.trump shared the shoot with a bald eagle named uncle sam...who got a little excited at times. but don't worry... neither the eagle nor mister trump's hair were
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though the candidate *was* pecked several times by the national bird.
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have a great evening. [rap music] max, that car has been parked outside for a week now. do you think they're selling drugs?
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are they selling drugs to you?
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